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Avenue en Luxxus

Avenue en Luxxus

Of all acrylic collections, Avenue is the most luxurious one. This collection offers a top quality product in combination with very exclusive and trendy designs.


The original 100% cotton table linen has been treated four times to obtain the very best quality of acrylic tablecloths :


-         a Teflon treatment, which is Dupont labelled

-         a water based acrylic coating

-         a water based acrylic and polyurethane coating

-         a unique anti-stain layer


The tablecloths can be intensively used by families with little children and are also suitable for decorating your table on special occasions like Christmas or New Year.     


Standard width is 140 cm, but some references are also available as width of 180 cm.
Taking into account these measures Cosy House also manufactures finished tablecloths with a cotton border. 



The table linen of the Da.Ma.C collection is very stylish and offers more classic designs. The collection distinguishes itself from the other ones in using the same colour for background and print. 


In comparison to other Finesse qualities, the Da.Ma.C collection is a woven table linen of cotton and polyester. To become a high quality acrylic product, it has been treated three times : 


-         a Dupont labelled  Teflon treatment

-         a water based acrylic coating

-         an additional water based acrylic coating


The table linen is the perfect washable and acrylic variant for the well known Damask tablecloth. The rolls have a standard width of 140 cm, but some references are available as 180 cm. We can offer finished tablecloths with a cotton border.

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