Wash instructions

Bed linen wash instructions

Van Dijck

  • Towels, duvet covers, etc. should be washed before use.
  • Separate your wash as much as possible by colour and washing instructions. This will ensure that your wash is correctly treated in the machine to obtain the best possible result.
  • Wash dark-coloured bedroom materials at a maximum of 40°C in the main wash or in a shorter programme. It is better to use a programme with a lot of rinsing water such as, for example, the wool wash programme. This is to avoid wash stripes. It is preferable to use a liquid detergent specially designed for the coloured wash (without bleach).
  • White and light-coloured bathroom materials can be washed at a maximum of 60°C in the main wash or a shorter programme. Here too it is advisable to use a programme with a lot of rinsing water. It is also preferable here to use a liquid detergent without a bleaching agent.
  • Duvet covers and pillows should always be washed inside out.
  • Do not overload the washing machine.
  • Definitely do not use too much detergent and follow the dosage table on the packaging.
  • It is better for the environment if you wash at 40°C.
  • The wash should not be dried for too long in the machine to avoid too many creases. Also do not overload the dryer.
  • Due to the incorporation of coloured piping in a cover some colouration may occur if it is immersed in water for some time. We advise that the duvet cover should be dried immediately after washing and that it should not, for example, be left in the washing machine overnight.

Kardol & Verstraten

  • Always turn the duvet cover and pillowcases inside out before washing.
  • Do not put more than 2,5 to 3 kg in your washing machine. This is most of the time:

               2 single size duvet covers with matching pillowcases or

              1 double or king size duvet cover with matching pillowcases.

  • Use liquid washing detergent. This is for the durability of the product.

              Avoid the use of biological or bleach products.

              Light coloured textile; use a colour liquid detergent or liquid tablets.

              Dark coloured textile: use a so called dark washing detergent.

  • Wash your duvet cover the first two times according to the washing detergents instructions for a product that is heavily soiled. This is to remove any excess dyes from the product.
  • Always wash dark colours separately.
  • Be aware; if you use the postponed start, put the washing detergent ball upright and make sure that the ball will not fall over during the waiting time.
  • Choose the crease-resistant or fine wash/satin programme up to 60 °C. We recommend to wash your bed linen at 40 °C, this helps you to save the environment.
  • Make sure the programme is not set to save water. If possible choose a double rinse programme for the first two washes.
  • Never leave your bed textile in water! Do not soak or let it stand still during a hand wash. Always take in to account the delayed spin. Some washing machines have this option, rinse water is not pumped away and delays the final spin cycle
  • Take your bed textile immediately out of your washing machine to dry. Never leave the wet bed textile in the machine.
  • After spin drying, let the bed textile dry in a draped or flat fashion. This ensures best results. Your bed textile will not need to be ironed if you follow the washing and drying instructions. Let the duvet cover dry inside out.
  • If you use a tumble dryer, select a low drying temperature for a short time.


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