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Gastronomie 110cm width

Gastronomie 110cm width

Protect your table againt schocks, stains and liquid resources. The bedding is anti-slip. Can tolerate up to 125°C.

U don't need to count drop down here.

ATTENTION! The diamonds always at the top!

Price from
1495 / m(incl. vat)
1. Choose your shape
2. Give us your exact mesures of your table (without counting drop down): fill in A and B
3. Aftwerwards you choose the wanted drop down (from 15 to 25 cm): fill in C
    Are you ordering table protection? Fill in "00" at the box 'overhang' (= drop down).
4. If you follow the previous steps correctly, the exact format will be calculated automaticly for you,
    with a same drop down at all sides of the table.
5. Choose the wanted packaging and finishing : ribbon - biais or mittred corner
    ATTENTION! For oval, ellipse and round washable tablecloths you can only choose for 'Ribbon'
   as way of finishing.
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