Sometimes little things make the difference



Regularly shake your tray with potpourri so the smell will increase. Reparfuming your potpourri is not just pouring the fragrance on it. This is the right way: take two spoons of water and add one spoon of fragrance. Mix and pour it over the potpourri in a plastic bag. Shake well and blow some air into the bag before sealing it. Let it rest for 24 hours and then place back your potpourri. Your potpourri will smell like new.

You can also use your fragrance oil in your humidifier.


Candles - All candlelight is good for killing smoke.  To improve the effect, use fragrance candles.

- There's a difference between candles for in- or outdoors.  You can recognize them by their burning wick.
  Large wicks are for outdoor use because the won't go out by the wind, however don't burn them indoor
  because your ceiling could turn into a black colour.

Odour bags

Odour bags -Avoid contact with the Envelop Sachets (and their content) with furniture, clothes, carpets, finished surfaces, synthetics, acrylic and painted objects.

-They can cause damage and/or cause discoloration

-We sell different lovely organza/linen bags where you can keep and hang you odour bag in.

-You can use the content of the odour bag in the ashtray of your car.

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